As our first marine-oriented volunteer project, Roatan posed some interesting challenges for two amateurs in the world of underwater filmmaking. Not least the fact that neither of us have dived for many years and Mike only holds a junior dive certificate. Add a camera, tripod and speargun to the equation and things get tricky. As usual we faced a steep learning curve but seem to have left with some good shots.

Roatan is the second of the three Honduran Bay Islands and is heavily frequented by backpackers, American holiday makers, cruise ships and everything inbetween. There are consequently huge pressures on the coastal and marine environment and the Marine Park not only works to maintain the island’s infrastructure in a way that will not damage the reef, but also pours a lot of time and resources into education programs.

With local children and tourists, we found ourselves painting recycling bins, teaching schoolkids about the three “R”s (Recycle, Reduce, Reuse!), and learning about the invasive lion fish, the spearing of which is heavily endorsed by the folk at the marine park.

We have now arrived in Nicaragua and are enjoying the vibe, the prices, and the latest project with which we will be scaling some kind of volcano early tomorrow morning…

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