Las Mercedes from Value of Volunteering on Vimeo.


  1. Hey guys,

    Have been following your blog posts and has been great to track your adventures through Central. All the best on the next half of your journey!

    big Akazul abrazos to you!

  2. Hi Mike, hi Katie!
    I am enjoying adventuring vicariously with you guys. Take care and good luck for the next stages. (I am still made up with my snood).

  3. hola muchachos!

    enjoying the blogs, videos and photos as well. everything looks beautiful and how i imagined it but better – costa rica will be amazing as well. terrible to hear that you saw someone with a gun shot wound, then again that is the reality of what it can be like over there. volunteers should be made aware of the political reality of each country too, whenever they volunteer anywhere. sometimes that can help them understand the people more.

    anyway keep posting more things :)

  4. Great video. Sara would have been proud of those stitches Mike.

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