This blog post comes to you from the luscious slopes of Mount Chirripo – the highest peak in Costa Rica. We are visiting a private reserve named Cloudbridge, home to an ongoing reforestation and research project which is supplemented by the unique talents of a small hoard of volunteers. We have seen our fair share of beautiful waterfalls, an impressive amount of  birds and not a small number of frogs. We have been welcomed extremely warmly by everyone in the Cloudbridge  team and there is a distinctly homely feel surrounding the project. Our enthusiasm has not only been renewed by the good company but also by the fact that we have access, for the first time on the trip, to some decent video editing software. We hope that you enjoy a taste of what we wish all of our blog posts could look like:


Quetzal Hunt from Value of Volunteering on Vimeo.


  1. How fantastic – footage of a quetzal on the first day. Terrific – and what beautiful plumage. Well done guys!

  2. What a pretty bird!

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