We have spent the last week on a farm near the small community of San Ramon in northern Costa Rica, living with a family who are thinking of setting up a  volunteer project and a kind of cultural experience homestay. The whole thing has been really interesting for us as its made us think about all the projects we’ve visited so far and evaluate what makes them work (or not work). I guess you could say we’ve been thinking about the philosophy behind volunteering.

Either way we’ve had a fantastic week, lassoing maniacal horses with 8 year old Emanuel, going to local village dances with the teenage daughters and working in the field with mama Rita. We even went to a Rodeo which nearly ended in disaster when a raging bull hurtled towards us and Katie got hit by the rider, falling into the ring.  She didn’t die, its ok. We’ve also visited some beautiful waterfalls and a ghost village destroyed by an earthquake in 2008. Overall its been a great chance for us to enjoy rural life in Central America,  improve our Spanish a bit and feel a little at home somewhere so far away from our friends and family. Muchisimas gracias los Brenes!





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    • Joy & Andrew Wade-West
    • Posted April 10, 2012 at 10:21 pm
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    Glad to hear the bull did not get Katie. You guys are having such an amazing time!
    Lots of love from all the W-W’s xxx

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