Well, we both got back safely and have spent the last few weeks tackling the mountains of footage we brought back. Its all going well and the documentary is coming together. We hope to get the first episode online towards the end of August, but for now we are releasing some short films that we hope will be of interest to you. They are based around characters we met on our travels who gave really interesting interviews about all sorts of topics relating to volunteering, conservation and Central America in general, but¬†which there just isn’t time to include in the finished documentary¬†. They are on the videos page under the “Extra footage and interviews” tab.

We will add one a week until the first episode of the documentary is ready. Please leave your comments or get in touch with us with your opinions – at this stage your feedback is invaluable. Thanks!


  1. Mike and Katie; what a great job. Good luck with the screening

  2. Looks great – really professional – well done.

  3. The voice of rainliaotty! Good to hear from you.

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